Introducing the Next Generation of Self Service Hotel Business Center Software 2019

After more than a decade in the hospitality industry, TTI designed the latest version of our self-service business center software to fit the growing needs of your property. Combining the familiar desktop atmosphere, the new interface and the tools to provide concierge services and advertising revenue, TTI has put power in your hands.

With our redesign, TTI has built the newest version of our software from the ground up in order to enable hotels to subsidize any costs associated with the business center and make it a no brainer to include in your property. With the rotating screensavers you can advertise services or establishments, in or around your hotel, as well as using the quick links on the side to link to specific coupons or the location’s website. The quick links can also help free up your front desk by linking to specific automated services and information such as signing up for your hotel’s reward program.

Customization was another important part of the Business Center redesign. We want hotels to be able to put their business center in any area of ​​the hotel and have it add to the d├ęcor. The rotating screensavers can match any color palette and the hotel’s logo combined with built in Facebook and Twitter buttons go a long way with branding.

Tablet with TTI’s Free Boarding Pass Application

  • Our new Tablet Kiosk solution provides your guests with a highly requested solution to print their boarding passes quickly.
  • A simple interface allows guests to easily login to their airline’s website, access their boarding pass, and wirelessly print.
  • Current flight information from up to three local airports is just a touch away. The sleek standing or wall mounted bracket will look great in your hotel’s lobby or business center.

Functionality and Service
Of course, while the look of the hotel business center is important, the most important aspect in design for us is that it works. Underneath all the new bells and whistles is the same secure and easy to use software that we have been developing for over a decade. Once a session starts, the user will be treated to a normal desktop (Windows, Mac, or Both!) That they are familiar with, all backed by our 24/7 live technical support, remote monitoring, and proactive maintenance.

Feature Set

  • Space-Saving, Energy Efficient Equipment
  • Quick Links to Boarding Pass Printing & Local Flight Info
  • Complete Privacy and Security
  • Wireless Printer Access
  • Multiple Mounting Options
  • Boarding & Flight Information
  • 24/7 Live Technical Phone Support via toll free number
  • Remote Monitoring with Auto Alert to Support Center
  • Free Software Upgrades

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