Top 3 Contact Centre Software and Technology 2019

Here are the results of the 2019 Top 3 Contact Centre Technology Awards.

Thanks to the 863 contact centre professionals who voted for these awards. It makes these the most impartial of all the contact centre technology awards.

  • CustomerSure
  • Netcall Liberty ContactCentre
  • Scorebuddy QA
  • Clarabridge Contact Center Solution
  • Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud CC
  • NVM Platform
  • CallMiner Eureka Coach
  • injixo WFM
  • Noble Enterprise CC Solution
  • The Genesys CX Platform

The Top 3 Contact Centre Technology
1. CustomerSure

Brief overview of product: Obtaining and acting on customer feedback is one of the most cost-effective investments an organisation can make when looking to improve the customer experience and increase satisfaction and loyalty. CustomerSure is an easy way to set up a working customer feedback process, by obtaining opinions at important points in customer journeys.

The cloud platform makes it quick to set up simple surveys, connect to your existing IT systems – so surveys are sent at appropriate times – and makes it easy for you to instantly follow up on the feedback you receive, so customers are not left disappointed.

Alongside this feedback loop, CustomerSure provide powerful reporting tools – enabling you to report on your preferred satisfaction metric, whether that is Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort or your own in-house metric.

The platform then allows you to segment scores – by individuals or business units – perform text analysis to spot trends and provides detailed response rate reporting, so you know your surveys are making it through.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product? 

Software implementation is often harder than it needs to be or fails completely because of poor vendor support.

CustomerSure aims to deliver the opposite – providing as much expert support as is needed to ensure that customers see success when they choose us.

Making feedback work takes more than a software purchase – it takes systems and training. CustomerSure’s consultants, all of whom have an industry background, work our customers to help set up these systems. We also work with our customers to identify the points in customer journeys where feedback should be collected, to maximise improvements in the customer experience.

Also, CustomerSure’s technical team aim to surprise every person who requests support by delivering a fast response that not only fixes their problem but understands their business needs.

Approx. number of UK customers using the product: Approx 50, with team sizes ranging from 10-300.

Typical customers: Spark Energy, Bristol Water, Utilitywise, Tastecard/Gourmet Society, Parkdean Resorts, Royal Institute of British Architects, Portakabin

Typical price for a 100 agent solution: £999/mo.

2. Netcall Telecom Limited

Brief overview of product: There is a sense of urgency around transforming your customer experience. Failed journeys cost productivity and customer loyalty. So automating end-to-end processes is essential. Netcall Liberty ContactCentre helps organisations streamline omnichannel customer interactions with a 360° view of your customers all on one unified platform. Take your CX to the next level. Use our Low-code to smartly manage multichannel processes, contacts, content and data.

Intelligently join-up your customer journey from first point of contact to completed process. Boost performance with useful tech e.g. chat bots and automated payments. Keep customers informed at every step, improve satisfaction and reduce inbound contact.
Free agents and mobile workers to work securely from anywhere or any device. Give them a unified customer view on a single browser-based interface.
Improve quality with the easy-to-use and flexible agent evaluation. Grow team skills and competencies. Happier employees deliver better service.
Extend the benefit of your social channels with secure customer-centric conversational messaging and sms.

Remove departmental silos. Integrate with legacy systems and fill the gaps in your technology. Rapidly update process changes, and enjoy 100% fit-for-purpose systems.
Real-time data visibility means you can see the impact of continuous improvements. See what’s happening as it happens on dashboards, wallboards and reports.
Bring customer experts and IT together to collaborate on CX as one team.
Your contact centre is the face of your organisation. Whatever your CX plans, have a clear plan for success. Join up your front, back and remote offices. When you need from the ground up with a collaborative, pragmatic, iterative approach, confidently consider Liberty ContactCentre.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product? 

The Liberty ContactCentre solution is intuitive and easy to use for everyone. The tech available in any deployment is designed for today, with inbuilt flexibility. Successful CX now, and in the future.
  • Agents work on a single interface which integrates with your legacy solutions.
  • Management see data in real-time. Make informed adjustments to changing demand.
  • Manage process hiccups with automated alerts. Then, quickly see the real reason and make needed adjustments.
  • Train the trainer and free ongoing on-line training improves productivity.
  • It’s a practical, cost-effective and unified approach to transformation. Manage security, governance and your GDPR compliance.
  • Approx. number of UK customers using the product: More than 150 UK contact centres are using Netcall Liberty ContactCentre which we estimate equates to over 15,000 total agents.
Typical customers: Over the last twenty years, Netcall has developed solutions to meet the needs of contact centres and their customers. Netcall has built significant experience and reputation within the public sector, working with many NHS Trusts and local government organisations. In addition, we have assisted some of the UK’s largest private companies to drive excellence in customer experience and communications.

3. Scorebuddy
Brief overview of product: Scorebuddy is a Cloud based staff Quality Assessment (QA) tool used by contact centres to measure and improve overall staff performance. Functionality ensures the handling of all forms of customer interactions, ultimately leading to enhanced end-user customer experience.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product? 
Over the last year, since our last award from CCH we have been busily improving our solution. Below is a list of new integrations, new features and dashboards, demonstrating our commitment to improving our solution as well as to excellent customer service.
Some of the features that set our product apart the competition include:

Agent Engagement
  1. Multiple – Flexible Scorecard types (Standard, success, non-numeric)
  2. Root Cause Analysis
  3. Quality Analytics
  4. Multi-tenant environment
  5. Scorebuddy New Releases And Features
We have implemented a number of integrations that allow our clients to seamlessly work between Scorebuddy and these world class vendors including:
  • Salesforce
  • Zendesk
  • Livezilla
New Features:
  • Intelligent Staff Uploader
  • Preview Scorecard Option
  • New Dashboards –
  • Global Admin
  • Group Admin
  • Team Admin
  • New for Agent Insight Customers
  • Supervisor Notifications
  • Non-Numeric scorecards
  • Success Scorecards
  • Security Enhancements
5 New Reports
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Enhancement to existing reports
  • Approx. number of UK customers using the product: More than 70 UK contact centres with several thousand agents.
Typical customers: Some UK customer examples:
  • Just Eat
  • Financial Times
  • Capital One
  • Capita
  • Boohoo
  • Halfords
  • WWF
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Typical price for a 100 agent solution: £900 per month

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