Best Call Management Systems for 2019

Call management systems are typically VoIP-based phone software that gives companies the ability to rout, block, and hold business calls. We looked at a range of different VoIP systems and compared and contrasted factors such as functionality, pricing, and additional features to determine the six best for small businesses, including the best overall.

How We Evaluated Business Call Management Software
Good call management systems should have an auto-attendant that can automatically route customer calls as well as basic features like the ability to forward, block, and add parties to a business call. Leveraging all of these features should be easy and not create headaches for the user.

When examining call management software, we looked at:

  • Price – We compared the overall cost of adoption for each solution.
  • Usability – Customer reviews were considered as software should be easy enough for users of all skill levels in an organization to use.
  • Call Features – We verified that users were able to route, block, record, and hold calls easily.
  • Voicemail Management – We looked to see if a system offered advanced voicemail features, like voicemail-to-email.
  • Conferencing – We reviewed products to see if users were able to hold and manage voice conferences, or even video conferences, in addition to calls.
  • Integrations – Available data connections to other business systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM) and productivity software, were compared.
  • Customer Support – We reviewed each product’s customer support services and available technical support channels users can reach out to if needed.
  • Reliability and Call Quality – We looked for things like verified uptime and at services known for offering clear sound quality.

Our pick for best overall call management software is Nextiva. This provider offers all of the calling features you’d want at its most basic tier of service with plenty of other VoIP features to help your business better manage calls. It also comes with best-in-class customer support, putting it above the competition. Here’s how the six products we looked at stack up in terms of price, features, and available support.

Best Overall Call Management System for Small Businesses: Nextiva

Nextiva is a VoIP phone system starting from $19.99 per user per month; it offers a wealth of call management features like advanced call routing, voicemail transcription, and conferencing features to keep your phone operations running smoothly. Its feature set, along with its helpful customer support, make it our best overall pick because it offers a great value without missing out on functionality, making it right for value for those who don’t want to skimp on features.

Nextiva Pricing
Nextiva has three different tiers of service: Office Pro, Pro Plus, and Office Enterprise. Prices for the Office Pro Editions ranges from $19.95 to $27.95 per user per month, and offer modules like voicemail-to-email and call forwarding. Pricier versions of the platform give you features like call recording and use of the mobile app.

Office Pro
The Office Pro version of Nextiva gives you unlimited domestic calls, as well as free local and toll-free numbers. Starting at $19.95 per user per month, this cheapest version of the platform gives you call management features like number porting, call forwarding, muting, and hold music. Compared with the functionality of RingCentral, this is a bargain.

This version is likely to fit the basic calling needs of most businesses. If you want conference bridging in your phone setup, however, then you’ll need to upgrade to a more expensive version of the platform. This edition also lacks call recording, which you only get with the Office Enterprise version. With that said, this is a great entry-level package for small businesses that want a basic set of call management features at a good price.

Office Pro Plus
Nextiva’s Office Pro Plus edition offers conference bridge features, letting you hold audio meetings on your computer or phone. It also comes with access to the Nextiva mobile app, which provides instant messages, collaboration features, and screen sharing for doing work on the go. At $20.95 per user per month, this is far less expensive than the similarly-featured X5 plan offered by 8×8.

However, the Office Pro Plus plan does not come with the Nextiva Anywhere app, which allows users to send and receive calls with their work number from any device. Still, this is a good choice for businesses that need to hold frequent conference calls.

Office Enterprise
This most expensive version of Nextiva has all the features of the other editions and adds call recording functionality to the platform. It also adds the Nextiva Anywhere app, which allows you to use your work phone number for sending and receiving calls on your smartphone, Mac, or PC for $27.95 per user per month.

For businesses with team members who travel frequently, the Nextiva Anywhere app is worth the extra investment for the Office Enterprise edition. If your organization also needs the ability to record and save calls for future reference, then this tier is perfect for you.

What Nextiva Is Missing
Nextiva does not include access to the company’s mobile app at the cheapest tier, which can be a major problem for teams that need to conduct business on the road or travel frequently. By contrast, RingCentral offers its mobile app to all levels of service.

What Users Think About Nextiva
Our readers think Nextiva is a good service, and have given it a 4.3 out of five-star rating. Customer support channels include telephone support and a chat line to help you with problems. Users rate Nextiva’s customer support as second-to-none. However, some have experienced slight technical issues. To read more opinions about Nextiva, check out our Nextiva reviews page.

Where to Find Nextiva
Businesses wanting a balance of call management features, other bonuses, and price would be wise to check out Nextiva. The company offers an unconditional money back guarantee if you contact them within the first 30 days after purchase. Visit Nextiva’s website for details.

Best Call Management System with Advanced Features: RingCentral

RingCentral is a VoIP provider boasting a wide range of robust software integrations and call routing options at a starting price of $29.99 per user per month. It offers all of the call management features you’d expect out of a modern VoIP solution as well as powerful features such as CRM integrations and the availability of international numbers. This makes it a good fit for large teams needing advanced call management features who aren’t concerned about price.

RingCentral Pricing
RingCentral offers four different pricing tiers that range from $29.99 to $59.99 per user per month. The least expensive version of the platform offers unlimited nationwide calls and call management features such as routing and blocking. It’s expensive, but the ability to accommodate international numbers makes it a great fit for multinational companies.

The Essentials package is the cheapest version of RingCentral available and costs $29.99 per user per month. It comes with basic call management functions such as call forwarding, waiting, and blocking. This plan gives you 100 toll-free minutes and conference calling for up to four participants. International calling is available for an additional fee.

However, the plan is limited to just 10 participants and does not come with the multi-level auto-attendant feature. If you have a larger team and want to automatically handle incoming calls, then you’ll have to upgrade to a more expensive plan. Still, smaller teams should have all of their needs met easily by the Essential plan. The Essentials package does not come with internet faxing, either, which you’ll find in Nextiva’s Office Pro package.

The Standard edition has all of the functionality of the Essentials edition and more at a cost of $34.99 per user per month. You get more toll-free calling minutes as well as the auto-attendant feature, which serves as a virtual receptionist that greets callers.

Video meetings at this tier are limited to just four participants. It offers internet faxing, which Nextiva gives you at a much cheaper price. With that said, the inclusion of the auto-attendant makes the Standard package an attractive option for businesses that want a professional phone presence.

RingCentral’s Premium edition, the company’s most popular level of service, costs $44.99 per user per month. It offers conference calls for up to 100 users, automatic call recording, and integration with CRM platforms such as Salesforce and Zendesk, allowing teams to access and log relevant details about their contacts and conversations automatically.

Many of the other systems we compared lack direct integration with CRM platforms. Therefore, if your business requires the most robust call management capability and wants to connect to tools like Salesforce or Zendesk, without using a third-party app, then this version of RingCentral is an ideal fit.

The only major difference between the Premium and Ultimate versions of RingCentral is the fact that the Ultimate tier accommodates conference calls of up to 200 participants. It also offers 10,000 toll-free minutes at a cost of $59.99 per user per month.

Larger companies and call centers will want to check out the Ultimate version because of its conferencing capabilities and additional toll-free minutes. It has all of the powerful features of the RingCentral platform, but tailored to larger organizations.

What RingCentral Is Missing
RingCentral has a comprehensive feature set that should provide customers with everything they need to effectively manage calls. With that said, it comes at a high cost. Organizations with tighter budgets may want to consider cheaper options like Nextiva, Vonage, or virtual phone number provider Grasshopper.

What Users Think About RingCentral
Our readers give RingCentral a 3.7 out of five-star rating. They particularly liked the volume discounts available and the system’s intuitive interface. There were a handful of complaints on other reviews, however, about RingCentral lacking customer service, especially when compared with Nextiva. For more impressions, check out our RingCentral user reviews.

Where to Find RingCentral
All told, RingCentral is a comprehensive phone management system that allows your team to effectively handle all phone traffic easily. It’s expensive, but businesses that can afford it will not be left wanting for features. Visit RingCentral’s website for more details.

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